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Olympiacos Soccer Club Kitchener is the second of its kind in Canada, and one of 9 schools operating internationally.

Founded in 2020, Olympiacos Soccer Club Kitchener brings a message of hope and strength, as well as leadership for our youth, both on and off the field.

Olympiacos SC Kitchener Team Information

Olympiacos SC Kitchener offers a variety of training programs and games from beginner to intermediate and advanced skill levels. All athletes will be assessed for their overall skill and knowledge of soccer. And after the determination of the assessment they will start at the appropriate level. Each players progress (agility, skills, physical, technical, etc) is tracked electronically so we can provide accurate assessment reports for parents so that they can follow their child’s progress at the game.

The Olympiacos SC Kitchener's program is also designed to provide opportunities for young players to be taught proper technical and tactical skills needed for performance game play. Each player is like a well tuned engine component, as they develop and hone in on individual skills, they help contribute to greater overall team performance.

Our Philosophy

Our Values

Our Vision

Olympiacos Soccer Club Kitchener aims to be Canada's premier soccer club by training children to become top athletes, and model citizens. We believe that with the resources provided from one of the world's premier Soccer Franchises, our players will reach their maximum potential. While we are international in scope, we are a family first organization, suitable for all ages. We constantly strive to provide our players with the most advanced, professional training, while also encouraging them to engage philanthropic efforts in the community through volunteerism.

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Our Mission

Olympiacos Soccer Club Kitchener provides its players and their families with the ultimate in elite athletic training and competition, while focusing on building character and work ethics.

Membership Has It's Privileges

As a member of Olympiacos Soccer Club Kitchener, you are entitled to:

  • Official Olympiacos uniforms
  • Training Techniques used for the Professional Club in Athens
  • Participate in Online Webinars with Olympiacos FC Players
  • Attend Official Olympiacos Tournaments in North America and Greece
  • Attend special Olympiacos training camps with Pro Coaches and Players
  • Professional Assessments from the Athens Scouting group

Our coaching staff also receives training and is assessed by high level UEFA coaches of the Olympiacos FC Academy so that they can deliver the high level training that will make an impact not only on the players athletic performance, but their lives as well.

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A good coach can change the outcome of a game, but a great coach can change a life

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